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        Buying Gantry Cranes : Important Considerations

        Gantry cranes refer to those cranes that are used specifically for moving heavy loads. These are a sort of portable material handling equipment which is put to use in job stations or secondary task areas. Though there are few key considerations that one should take care of while buying a gantry crane. Take a look at them as under:

        Gantry Crane Overhead Obstruction

        Check as to which is the lowest object within the working premise where the gantry crane might be needed to move or get erected. Ceiling, support beams, sprinklers or any of such various things can be an obstruction for gantries thus, one has to be sure that the crane can be moved or erected comfortably within the given constraints.

        Gantry Crane Chain Fall

        Chain fall refers to the length of chain provided for lifting. For example if 15 feet of chain fall indicates 15 feet long chain measuring from hoist to the hook. Hoists are available in varied chain length options, you just have to be equipped with the head room measurements and work station requirements.

        Gantry Crane Overall Height

        Buying Gantry Cranes
        Buying Gantry Cranes

        In case of adjustable height models, one might require a height adjustment kit to ease the job of beam's height adjustment. Since beams are extremely heavy on steel models, it is better to opt for aluminum crane which happens to weigh less than half of the total weight of steel crane.

        Gantry Crane Capacity

        Be sure that the capacity of the hoist does not surpass the capacity of crane. In ideal terms, the capacity of crane trolley and hoist is the same. Starting from top down, the crane has to either be equal or in excess to the capacity of trolley, similarly, trolley needs to be either equal or in excess to the hoist capacity. And ultimately, all the parts of gantry system should either be equal or in excess of the maximum load on the crane.
        All these specifications have to be considered thoroughly before purchasing a gantry crane.

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