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        Function of Bulldozer in Construction

        16 September 2010- The brick making machine is available in different varieties. Not only the bricks are made using mud and sand, today the machines are used to make bricks using varied materials like sand, stone, coal refuse, fly ash, slag, cinder, ore slag, pearl rock, and all kinds of materials in industrial scrap.

        The Blade Used in Bull Dozers

        The blade used in a bulldozer is a heavy piece of metal fixed on the front and they are available in three varieties:
        • Straight Blade: This blade is short. Has no lateral curve. There are no side wings. This blade is used only for fine grading.
        • Universal blade: Also known as U blade. This blade is very tall and very curved. It has large side wings and is capable to carry more material around.
        • Combination blade: This is in between a straight blade and a universal blade. It is short in length, less curved and has smaller side wings.
        Brick Making Machines
        Brick Making Machines

        Bulldozer's Functions

        • Bulldozers are very powerful tracked vehicles. In construction sites, the tracks in bulldozers give them great ground mobility and they can hold through very rough surface or terrain. These tracks help to distribute the weight over large areas, and hence prevent the dozer from sinking into muddy or sandy ground.
        • They are designed in such a way that they have high torque capacity, which give them immense power to drag objects. Besides pushing heavy objects, these heavy machines can also remove things from the ground.
        • In construction sites, bull dozers are used to clear shrubbery, obstacles, and remains of buildings and structures.
        • The basic advantage of bull dozer is that varied attachments can be applied to the equipment. Depending on the applications and tasks, you can choose the attachment. Like for instance, there is a different attachment used for construction activities and even when agricultural work is done.
        • The attachments are very helpful in providing flexibility to the bull dozer to perform in different types of working area.
        • A ripper is a popular attachment used in a bulldozes, especially the large bulldozers. The ripper is widely seen in construction sites, quarrying and mining sites. It is used to rip and break down the surface of the rock into small pieces so that it is easy to handle. These broken pieces can further be used for construction purposes.
        • Similarly, using a ripper, hard soil can be ripped and broken so as to permit planting in orchards wherein trees cannot grow.
        Conclusion: The design of bulldozers has undergone changes in recent years. They are modified and are made more mechanized and sophisticated so that they can function in some ways which the original bulldozers cannot. Essential developments in such machines included drive trains which can perform automatically. Blades are controlled by means of hydraulic cylinder instead of brake and mechanical grade control. The use of hydraulic cylinders allows more manipulation of blades and also automated controls.
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