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        Jib Crane: Safety Precautions

        A jib crane can either be floor mounted, ceiling mounted or of any other kind but the mechanism applied to all of them is same. Used for lifting and moving heavy loads, jib crane is popularly used at the construction sites. Since the jib cranes are huge machinery types, the safety considerations also have to be relatively tighter. The safety of the workers has to be the prime concern while working on a jib crane. Here are few safety precautions which should be taken care of:
        • The very first thing to do is to clear the area where the working jib has been placed. The debris might fall off due to excessive load and pressure, causing serious injuries to the person working under.
        • Be sure of the overall capacity of the given jib crane and make sure that the load is being lifted up straightways. The load should be lifted only as much as it is enough to move it above the obstructions on the floor.
        • Jib Crane
          Jib Crane

        • Do not use the jib crane until and unless the crane is in top operating condition. Remember to check the stops at the end of each arm each time the crane is used. Avoid using the jib crane if the stops are not in place.
        • Try to work in a smooth steady manner as jerky motions can lead the load to fall off the hook. Also, the smooth jib crane operations can make it easier for the workers working under it to shift their place accordingly.
        • If you have to move away from the controls even for a minute, make sure that you switch off the jib crane. The jib crane's hook should be lowered down to the floor before leaving the controls.

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