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        Operating Bulldozers: Safety Tips

        19 January, 2011- Bulldozers are used for cutting and pushing huge amounts of material within seconds. Since these are such huge machines, even a slight mistake or carelessness can cause severe injuries hence, one has to be extremely careful while using such machines. Mentioned below are some safety rules which should be taken care of while operating bulldozers. Take a look:

        -First of all it is imperative that only competent and trained workers are allowed to ride and operate bulldozers.
        -Operators should essentially use seat belts while operating as well as riding bulldozers.
        -Engine should be switched on only when the operator is seated on the seat and also when the way is clear of objects, workers and other obstructions.
        -Proper lockout, blockout and tagout procedures must be followed by workers, all the more when the bulldozer is in need of repairs.
        Bulldozer -If the bulldozer is being used in or around public thoroughfare then it is necessary to use and follow the traffic control system.
        -Make sure that flags are assigned at places where warning signs and barricades render useless in controlling traffic.
        -Bulldozers should be kept far off from overhead power lines.
        -Every time before starting the machine, qualified personnels should make sure that the manual warning device also known as 'horn' of the bulldozer, is working properly.
        -An automatic back-up alarm is a must in a bulldozer so that it can be heard from all the remote corners of site.
        -Engine should be turned off each time the machine is being refueled.
        -A bulldozer should ideally be equipped with ROPS that is Rollover Protection Structures.
        -Avoid climbing on parts where hand and foot holds are not provided.
        -Be extra cautious while approaching or operating near excavations or trenches.
        -Last but not the least, do not use bulldozer on materials that have more height than that of the bulldozer itself. A sufficient overhead protection would be needed for the same.
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