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        Running a Concrete Mixer Truck

        The technique of mixing cement has evolved a lot through the years. Long back it was mixed by hands but today concrete mixers are popularly used for mixing cement. Here's the procedure about the right way of running a concrete mixer truck. Have a look:
        • First of all start up the truck and flip on the switches to begin with the procedure of mixing. The concrete mixers are characterized by a rotating drum where the the ingredients are mixed. A chute on the top of the mixer is the place from where the ingredients are added.
        • Next, pour down concrete and water from the chute within the drum. The ingredients are actually funneled into the drum through chute. A longer chute is provided with the concrete mixer is used for changing the angle as per the position of the drum.
        • Concrete Mixer Truck
          Concrete Mixer Truck

        • Now, hop into the truck and start rotating it. The drum has blades placed at center of the drum, that are fixed at a particular angle. Since the blades are running in the longitude direction, the mixture of cement and water churns and rolls into the concrete mixer.
        • The truck can be driven to different locations while being in the process of churning the concrete simultaneously. One can thus, drive the truck to the desired location and push the mixture towards the front of the drum to make it easier to extract when needed.
        • When the churned cement is needed, reverse the drum's rotation. This makes the blade to push the cement towards the drum's mouth. The cement spills out of the drum onto the chute. Further the chute can be pushed towards the desired site and make the concrete pour down.

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