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        Trencher Sizes and Types

        Trenchers refer to machines used for digging trenches, agricultural operations, laying of pipes etc. These are most often classified on the basis of sizes. Mentioned under are the major trenchers available for various purposes.

        Chain Trenchers

        A chain trencher seems a lot like a giant chainsaw. This particular trencher is used for piercing hard ground that cannot be penetrated or cut using an excavator. A chain trencher is is able to pierce through a digging chain that covers a round metal frame or boom whenever the equipment is driven. The boom can be adjusted according to the the right angle to attain the needed cut and depth.

        Wheel Trenchers

        Wheel trenchers are the ones mounted on tracks or rubber tires so as to help with the excavation process. These are quite popular trenchers that are faster in finishing the job and are cheaper than the chain trenchers to operate.

        Portable Trencher

        Trencher Sizes and Types
        Trencher Sizes and Types

        Portable trenchers are used for installing landscape edging and generating irrigation lines. This particular trencher is length in weight (around 200 pounds) which provides it easy maneuvering. It is thus, used for installing utility connections like coaxial cables.

        Rockwheel Trencher

        Rockwheel trencher is a toothed metal wheel that is better than a giant circular saw. It can render more effective results than the chain trencher. Moreover, it is easy to pierce through a hard and solid stone. In case it is being used heavily, its teeth can be removed and replaced occasionally.

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