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        Asphalt Recyclers

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        Asphalt is a primary ingredient for the building of roads, pavements, etc. However, asphalt roads or pavements are not permanent and they weared away with the passage of time owing to many factors. To recycle asphalts to use it again, asphalt recycler machine is used. Asphalt recycling is a process for rehabilitating deteriorated asphalt pavements.

        Asphalt recycler machine is designed to crush asphalt and asphalt mixed with rocks, into fine material. The material produced can be used as a base before laying new asphalt or in some cases, as the top surface. There are different variety of asphalt recyclers using different techniques for heating asphalt which is important step in whole recycling process.

        Mechanical Operations

        Asphalt recyclers consists of preheaters, a heater-miller and a heater-mixer as the main unit along with paver, a rubber-tired roller and a vibratory roller added to handle lay down and compaction. This machinery recycles asphalt pavement in separate stages like preheating, hot milling, heat and stir, pug mill mixing and compaction.
        Heating is the most important aspect of whole process in which heated air generated in a diesel-fueled combustion chamber and blown directly and uniformly on the pavement. In the heater-mixer, a series of devices is used to continuously mix and expose the loosened asphalt mixture to the combination of hot air and infrared heat, thereby ensuring that the recycled materials are thoroughly and uniformly heated. Final mixing occurs in the pugmill.

        Asphalt Recyclers In some asphalt recycling system new materials are added such as recycling agents which can improve asphalt binder properties. Whereas in some other recyclers, the asphalt tumbles in a rotating drum. It does not grind the material but lifts and drops it through a stream of hot air. The hot air is produced by a diesel fired burner mounted outside the drum. The air bath from the burner is introduced into the drum through a coned opening which shields the asphalt from coming in contact with the burner flame.

        Benefits of Recycling

        Asphalt recycling incur lot of benefits like :
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