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        Asphalt Cutter

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        Asphalt road cutter is a machine which removes the existing asphalt surface of roadways, runways, or other asphalt surface. Asphalt road cutter can be operated both manually and mechanically. It can be attached with any tractors or backhoes which gives it maximum downward pressure. It is suitable for working in tight conditions or where precise cutting is required. The width and diameter of the cutter varies and depends on the nature of the work. The asphalt removed by the cutter can be used in hot mix plants. The maneuverability of asphalt cutter depends on the nature of the machine in which it is attached.

        Asphalt  Road  Cutter Whether mounted on a loader bucket, a backhoe bucket or a grader blade, asphalt road cutter is effective. Machine makes a cut as it moves forward. When the downward force is applied to the cutter the cutting wheel rotates and cuts through the asphalt.


        Asphalt road cutter, as the name suggest is mainly applied for cutting road surfaces, highways, asphalt pavements, pathways etc. The asphalt so removed are generally used in hot mix plants for its further usage.

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