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        Chain Excavators

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        Multipurpose and multi usage chain excavators with their high potential for loading and performing big tasks are in great demand in the market, for the accomplishment of big infrastructural projects. Based on their size and working principles chain excavators can be categorized into bucket chain excavator, mini chain excavator and hydraulic chain excavator. Though the basic functions of these three excavators are more or less same, the difference lies in the magnitude of the work done by them.

        Mechanical Operations

        Hydraulic chain excavator works more or less on the same principles on which hydraulic excavator works. Whereas bucket chain excavators are important products designed for mining the overburden and for the sticky bulk material. Supported by the scraper arm, the bucket chain system, is suspended at a fixed angle from the bridge girders. Bridges are associated with the stores which consists of two or more longitudinal stockpiles stacked according to the windrow method. While one pile is being stacked, the other is reclaimed at right angles to the direction of stacking.


        Chain Excavators Chain excavators have their utility in big infrastructural projects. They are mainly applied in the following fields :

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