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        Cold Planer

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        Cold planers are those construction equipments that are used for repairing asphalt abutting manhole covers, curbsides, gutters and driveways. In pothole repairs and utility cuts also it is very useful. Moreover, it rehabilitates and repairs the damaged road surfaces and lay new roads.

        Cold planer is available in various models like front down design, hydraulic controls, backhole mounted planer and open drum planer. In front down planer, front part is very close to the ground. whereas in hydraulic controlled planer machine is operated through hydraulic systems.

        The important feature of the cold planer is that the pressure is activated at the center of the cutting drum. It has swing away hydraulic controls and the points prone to wear are less. Bounce depends on the rotation speed. Faster the rotation, less is the bounce.


        Cold Planer Cold planer has the following applications :

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