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        Concrete Batching Plant

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        Concretes are the most important raw materials for constructing buildings, roads, dams and other infrastructures. Concrete batching plants are those plants which uses sand, gravel, cement, water, and other materials for producing concretes. These plants are either mobile or stationary.

        Mechanical Operations
        Concrete Batching Plant Equipment used at a concrete batching plants includes soils, weight hoppers conveyors, mixer engines, and auxiliary generators. The raw material like cement, sand and aggregate are batched and mixed into slightly moisture concrete. The required concrete is fed via conveyor belt into the block machine. Boom Scrapper is used for pulling the material towards the gates for batching of aggregates. Cement Hopper with Screw Conveyor, concrete mixer reversible drum, weight batcher with precision scales for aggregate and cement are some of the other equipments that are used in concrete batching plants.

        Concrete Batching Plant

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