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        Cone Crusher

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        Cone crusher is a machine that crushes rocks between two conical surfaces namely the mantle and the concave liners. These surfaces are made up of high manganese steel. A cone crusher is quite similar to gyratory crushers, the difference being, that these have lesser steepness in in the crushing chamber and larger parallel zone between crushing zones. Cone crusher breaks down the rock pieces by squeezing them into a unique gyrating spindle which is covered by a wear resistant mantle. It also consists of an enclosing concave hooper which is covered by a manganese concave known as bowl liner. The large ore pieces are broken first, thereafter, the smaller crushed pieces reach the lower portion which are again crushed into all the more tiny pieces to move through the narrow opening located at the bottom of the crusher.

        Generally there are two types of cone crushers, stand head cone crushers and fine head cone crushers. Owing to small opening, fine head cone crushers are able to take in large feed materials and thereafter, produce finer output product.

        Cone Crusher A cone crusher is perfect for crushing different mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks. It is favored the most due to its reliable construction, easy adjustment, high productivity, and low operational costs. There happens to be a spring release system in the cone crusher that acts as an overload protection, allowing the tramp to move through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher.


        The application of cone crusher is crushing materials for the construction, maintenance and repairing of :

        Mechanical Operations

        Eccentric movement of the lower portion of the main shaft set the crushing action. The mantle and the shaft is well connected. The gaps between the mantle and liners change dimensions due to the gyrating action of the main shaft which performs the actual crushing. The important components of cone crushers are manganese mantle, concave liner, input sheave, bearings, counter shaft, main shaft, cone crusher springs, crusher beveled gears etc.

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