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        Cutter Head

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        ACutter head is one such construction machinery article which is commonly used during tunnel construction. Molding cutter head, spiral cutter head etc. are the different types of cutter head. Discussed under are the various aspects of cutter head machinery. Take a look:

        Cutter Head Definition and Meaning

        Cutter head can be defined as a rotating head, which itself forms a cutter, or a rotating stock to which cutters may be attached, as in a planing or matching machine. In other words, cutter head is a rotationally driven wheel mounted on the tunnel excavating machine's frontal portion, which acts as a cutter and allows other cutters to be clubbed in with it as well.

        Cutter Head Working

        Cutter Head During operations cutterhead rotates with great force. Cutter head or spiral cutter head is provided with numerous cutters. With the specially designed bearings the cutterhead is attached to the main body or the shield of the tunnel boring machines. The motor which rotates the cutterhead lies within the shield. The shield also house the thrust cylinder which provides the forward thrust on the cutting discs. Hydraulic cylinders thrust the cutter discs into the rock. The harder the rock, the more thrust that is required to break it.

        Cutter Head in Excavation and Tunnel Construction

        Shields also protects the workers who install the initial tunnel support system behind the tunnel boring machines. The precast concrete rings which supports the main spine tunnel are assembled inside of the shield. These rings are expanded to fit the tunnel excavation as the shield moves forward. Ring is build and positioned by hydraulic ring erectors that are mounted inside the shield. The rock chips, are scooped into the cutterhead through holes in the head, called buckets, as it rotates. The chip is carried by the conveyor, through the shield and into the supported tunnel where it is loaded into rail cars and hauled out of the tunnel. Now-a-days one can easily source cutter head suppliers and manufacturers online at the ease of a click.
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