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        Drum Mixing Plant

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        Infrastructure is a life breadth of any countries economy. Asphalt plays pivotal role in developing and constructing infrastructures like roads, highways, airport runways etc. Drum mix plants makes asphalt continuously and can store the asphalt for several days in heated storage soils. Drum mix asphalt plants are either mobile or stationary. Mobile drum mix can shift themselves to the job site itself whereas stationary plants uses other asphalt carrying vehicles to reach the desired destinations.

        Mechanical Operations

        The asphalt plant uses a cold aggregate feeder whose each bin has an independent conveyor belt. For feeding the aggregate at a uniform and predetermined rate it uses a hollow shaft gearbox. The drum is supplied with cold aggregate from the feeder using an electronic high-pressure jet burner. The asphalt tank is fully insulated and is equipped with separate low-pressure electronic burners to heat the asphalt.
        Drum Mixing Plant The control cabin with an electronic control panel operates the entire plant. To transport the mixed material from the thermo drum into the hydraulic storage hopper the asphalt plant uses a loadout hot conveyor. At the end of conveyor there is a scraper plate to scrape out the mixed material from the loadout conveyor.

        Mobile drum mix plant for bituminous macadam comprises of conveyor bitumen pump, a filler unit and a filler blower. For proper heating of the aggregate with the minimum heat loss, dryer is accurately constructed. The filler units and blower are made from steel plates.

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