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        Jaw Crusher

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        Heavy rocks, stones and other minerals need to be crushed before they are used in any infrastructural projects. Jaw crusher, crush heavy rocks to minimal size and make them ready for the construction process. Jaw crushers, depending upon the nature of the work varies in size.

        Mechanical Operatons

        Pitman is the main component of jaw crusher which forms the moving side of the jaw, while the stationary or fixed jaw forms the other. Jaw crusher moves through the eccentric machining of the flywheel shaft. The back and forth movement of the top of the pitman is nearly one and a half inches.

        Jaw Crusher Due to this, tremendous force is provided to each stroke. The jaw crusher pitman is covered with dies made of manganese, on the inward facing side The fixed jaw face is also covered with a manganese jaw die. Jaw crusher rotates through sheave pulley having multiple v-belt grooves.
        As per requirement of the material being crushed by the jaw materials of different sizes may be required. This is achieved by adjusting the opening at the bottom of the jaw.


        The popular applications of jaw crushers are :

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