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        Material Handler Excavator

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        Excavator using various devices or instruments like pick modules, conveyors, electric chain, wire rope hoists etc for lifting and transporting heavy materials, industrial products, or industrial wastes are termed as material handlers.

        In the modern era of industrial and infrastructural development, material handler excavator has great relevance. Material handler excavator with their sheer force can lift the heavy machineries for the construction of industries. They are also useful in clearing various industrial and non industrial sites.

        Mechanical Operations

        Material handler excavator are either mounted on wheel or on track. Wheeled material handler excavator functions on the same principles as other excavators do. The primary equipments of the excavator like arm, boom, cab, joy stick, gear pump system more or less function in the same manner as others excavators equipments does. It can also be associated with bucket, clamshell, grapple or magnet.

        Material Handler Excavator The arm of an material handler excavator which is also known as dipper is the structure that connects the material handlers attachment to the boom. Tracked material handler work on the same principle. However track gives it more versatility and enable it to operate in tough geographical situation.


        The important applications of material handler are :

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