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        Mini Excavators

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        An excavator is an engineering vehicle consisting of a backhoe and cab mounted on top and is used for various smaller and major civil engineering projects. It is either mounted on tracks or wheels. A mini excavator or small compact excavator is ideal for landscapers, rental yards, general contractors or for any jobs that require a high level of production in confined spaces.

        Mechanical Operations

        Mini excavator consists of cab having operator's compartment, engine compartment and hydraulic pump. Through swing bearing, house structure is able to attach itself over the undercarriage which helps it to rotate due to hydraulic distribution valve which supplies oil to the undercarriage components. The other components of the mini excavators are boom dipper or arm, and attachment like bucket, auger etc. They are attached to the excavator through swing frame which allows them to move left and right. The backfill blade that is used for digging is connected to excavator's undercarriage. Mini Excavators


        Mini excavators are mainly applied in the following areas :

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