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        Mobile Asphalt Plant

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        Asphalt is a crude petroleum product which is cheap, durable and hence the popular material for carrying out various constructions. Asphalts are produced and processed in a asphalt plant which is either stationary or mobile. Mobile asphalt plants are generally truck or trailer mounted in which asphalts are mixed in certain proportion for the purpose of constructing various infrastructures.

        The mobility gives new dimensions and versitality to asphalt mix plants and higher degree of capacity utilization. Plants can also be erected on the job site without concrete foundation or can be assembled on wheels.

        Mechanical Operations

        Mobile Asphalt Plant The plant consists of blower, filler, dryer, bitumen pump, conveyor, four bin feeder, bitumen tank, fuel tank etc. The filler units and blowers are made from steel plates. For drying and mixing of the asphalt there are two drums. For liquid asphalt there is a heated tank. After being thoroughly dried and heated they are discharged directly into an insulated holding or surge bin at the back of the mobile asphalt plant. Through electric heating system liquid asphalt is heated. After the end of the process, materials are ready for road construction.


        There are certain advantages and applications of mobile asphalt mix plants :

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