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        Plate Compactors

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        Machine or mechanism that reduces the size of waste material is called as compactor. Normally the compactors are powered by hydraulics and are of different kinds depending upon the nature of the compaction. Different types of compactors that are mostly used are plate compactors, pneumatic rollers, jumping jack rammers, vibratory rollers etc.

        Vibratory plate compactors compacts granular soils (sands and gravels) by vibratory energy. To compact the small particles frequency of the plate compactor is adjusted. Vibratory plate compactors are of two types :

        Mechanical Operations

        Plate Compactors Powered by diesel or gasoline, forward vibratory plates are low-amplitude, high-frequency devices. Diesel engine provides high speed to develop compaction force and vibrations that compact granular soils. Weight of the plate plays major role in compaction. The heavier the plate, the more compaction force it generates. However as forward vibratory plates can move in one direction its maneuverability is affected. This limitation is however is absent in reversible vibratory plate compactor which moves in both directions because it has an exciter system with two eccentric weights that revolve in opposite directions.

        Vibratory Plate compactors when applied to loose soil or other material increases its density and consequently its load-bearing capacity. It also minimized water seepage, prevent damage from frost and also prevents the contraction of soils.


        Vibratory plate compactor plays an important role in many infrastructure projects. They have their applications in the following areas :

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