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        Roof Scaler

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        Tunnel excavation is a complex job. Lots of machineries are needed for its construction and to give it a finishing touch. Road header, tunnel header, cutter head, shields etc are some of the important machineries. once the tunnel is excavated its roof is scaled which is a difficult task. Before a new drilling and blasting cycle can begin, appropriate safety measures must be followed to make the tunnel area safe. Safety is provided by roof scaling which removes loose rock or tying the rock back together by means of rock bolting.

        Roof Scaler A mechanical scaler is used to pry loose pieces of rock from the roof and sides of the working places. For maintaining roof's integrity, rock bolts may need to be installed in addition to scaling.
        The scaler machine can reach to a substantial height and could move in all direction along 360 degrees. The scaler is available in two or four-wheel drive with full safety mechanism for the cab operator who is secured in a suspension seat with a five-point safety harness. Normally scaler machine has boom with hydraulically-activated extension cylinder that allowed the boom to reach a maximum distance.

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