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        Thermal Container

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        Thermal ContainerAsphalt thermo containers are those machines that processed asphalt to be used in the construction, maintenance and repairing of roads. The modern thermo containers using effective technologies are economic and environment friendly.

        Mechanical Operations
        Asphalt containers are either single chambered or double chambered. However double chambered container is widely used. To maintain the asphalt at the necessary working temperature, the chambers are heated with an environmentally friendly propane gas burner. To prevent the asphalt from cooling, the chamber is provided with insulation. In some container there is an option of electrical heating. Conveyor fitted in the container is applied for spreading the material.

        Thermal container has several advantages for maintenance of roads, pavements and other asphalt construction. These are the following advantages of thermal containers :
        • Cost effective processing of asphalt.
        • Precise discharge of the materials through convey.
        • Without any temperature losses asphalt can be maintained at the required, placement temperature for a long time.
        • No waste due to cooled mix.
        • Longer road construction season.
        • No precompaction of the asphalt.

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