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        Trench Rollers

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        Looking for Wholesale Trench Rollers?

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        Trench rollers are those rollers that are efficiently utilized for the compaction of roads, sub bases for foundations, parking lots etc. Trench rollers are of different kinds depending on the nature of the work and technology of the rollers itself.

        In vibratory trench rollers the sheepsfoot drums and vibration speed results in an optimum compaction of cohesive soils. Trench rollers are available in variety of roller diameters and widths, which in turn accommodates trench width and machine size variations.
        Trench Rollers
        Trench rollers operates through dual joystick control box, the engine Control Module (ECM) with diagnostic LEDs which monitors all the engine functions, removable fuel and hydraulic tanks along with hydraulic connectors located on one side of the unit which provides for easy accessibility and improved overall serviceability.

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