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        Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

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        For constructing roads and pavements bitumen is an essential ingredients. Mobile bitumen sprayer is generally truck mounted or are mounted on other carriers and are designed for spraying hot bitumen. These trucks generally have a high capacity burner to heat the bitumen. The tank of the bitumen sprayer truck is fully insulated and is cladded with steel sheets. To avoid clogging after the usage, pressure cleaning system is applied. The spray bar deliver bitumen with good pressure.

        Powered by a diesel engine the bitumen sprayer pump is driven by a fixed displacement hydraulic motor. Standard tank includes a single pass flame tube. In some sprayer there is a system of uniform density electric heating and various other options for control and power source.
        Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer


        Bitumen sprayer finds its application in various fields like :

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