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        Walking Excavators

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        Looking for Wholesale Walking Excavators?

        Allow us to help you find the right suppliers to match your product interests.

        Walking excavators are an important machineries that plays significant role in clearings, demolitions and excavations. With their modern equipments they are used in various other building projects also. Due to their efficiency, cost effectiveness and utility they are demanded highly in the market.

        Mechanical Operations

        The walking excavator has numerous attachments which provide it a wider range of applicability. The modern walking excavator consists of rotational grapple bucket, rotary mulcher, rotary percussion and air rotary drill, foot extendable drill, arm, joysticks etc. The attached bucket can be rotated to 360 degrees and tilted from side to side. This enables the operator to do offset digging or shoveling.

        Different attachments in walking excavator performs specific functions. For example the flail mower is ideal for clearing steep slopes. The rotary mulcher is excellent for heavier brush and small trees. The profile buckets are perfect for drainage ditches, and many drilling attachments. Walking Excavators


        The ability of the walking excavator to reach out to inaccessible regions, its high power and good bucket capacity has made it useful in the following area :

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